Make money being right.

The problem Pachisi solves

Decentralised Prediction Market

Not a tradational prediction market

Pachisi is a new take on prediction markets. It focuses on making them more user centred. Its a very simple place where users could earn for being right.
The traditional prediction markets overwhelming and are not very user friendly. Moreover they require us to deposit our funds with them. Which a lot might not want to do. So it can be a good product resolving these issues.

How's it working?

So we've designed a intuitive UI, which lets users make their bets easily and fast. Currency used for now is DAI(we plan to add more stable coins).

We have 4 categories for now which users could bet on.

  • Price Prediction

    → This is where users could predict prices for various assets. Like Crypto, Stocks and etc.

  • Sports

    → Here users can make predictions for various sports.

  • Numbers

    → These are a few games which go hand in hand with a prediction market.

  • Custom

    → This can be anything users could start a market on. They can add their own market for users to predict on.


  1. We use ChainLink's HTTP get call infrastructure to make API calls from contract. We've hard-coded a few APIs and according to parameters like match ID and etc it gets result for that match on contract.
  2. We also use ChainLink for getting on-chain PriceFeeds for price prediction market.
  3. We plan to use ChainLinks VRF for random numbers and use them in games.


  1. We are using Biconomy's relayer infrastructure to improve user experience and relay meta-transactions.


  1. We are using Matic as a scaling solution. So the transactions can be fast and at low cost.


  1. We have used portis as an option to improve Web3 experience so users don't have to manage their private keys.


  1. We plan to use SuperFluid's reward distribution infrastructure to distribute funds while resolving bets.

Challenges we ran into

Making a prediction market is a complex task and trying to make it decentralised makes it interesting an complex. Also, The model we've used for price prediction market model took quiet thinking we still are not satisfied with the way the model is. Also, currently we are struggling with UX and plan to make it on a single contract so users won't have to aproove different contracts.

Future Plan

We plan to use protocol like AAVE to generate APY and we would provide users that APY. So basically all the users make money.

We plan to rebuild this project with a better UI and better implementation and a lot more features. Here's a 1 month roadmap: https://www.notion.so/Pachisi-9fc2608fb94944658eda3392babf8f83