Optimizing worker tracking in NuCypher using BLS

This projects helps to keep track of the workers that commit to work on each period and record a proof of that. We use BLS to make aggregated signatures of every workers commitment.

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Last updated: 01 August 2021 04:43 PM

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The problem Optimizing worker tracking in NuCypher using BLS solves

Instead of requiring everyworker to commit in Ethereum all workers can agree, using etheremint as off chain mechanism, on an aggregated commitment and submit just one commit per period that includes the signatures of all workers that commited. This aggregated signature can be verified on-chain latter on.

Challenges we ran into

Ethermint was been challenging to work with at the begining. We spent some time trying to understand how to initializing it and make it accept rcp queries. Also, we spent some time learning how to use the BLS javascript library.