OmniDeployer provides an omnichain deployer interface along with a Hardhat plugin to interact seamlessly with this interface. It leverages the power of Axelar's cross-chain messaging.

The problem OmniDeployer solves

Problem Statement

Deploying the same contract on multiple chains can be cumbersome. It requires specific configurations and necessitates the possession of native tokens to initiate transactions. Furthermore, maintaining a consistent address across multiple chains can be technically challenging and time-consuming.


OmniDeployer addresses these challenges head-on by introducing a streamlined Hardhat plugin and user interface:

  • Users can easily input contract details into the plugin.
  • The UI lets users select their desired network.
  • With a single transaction, all deployments are executed, courtesy of Axelar's cross-chain messaging.

This drastically enhances the efficiency of multi-chain smart contract deployment, making the entire process seamless and user-friendly.

Technical Details

At its core, OmniDeployer operates by having the same address deployed to all chains. This address, referred to as OmnichainDeployer, is intricately connected with AxelarExecutable. As a result, OmniDeployer can initiate deployment transactions across all chains from a singular chain, exemplifying the power and utility of Axelar's cross-chain capabilities.

Multiple Omni Deployment Tx

Source Chain Transaction Hash

Cross Chain Tx Detail

Deployed Contract


  • Support more network with Axelar Network
  • Publish frontend UI and hardhat plugin
  • Writing blog post to promote Omnichain Deployer
  • Finding more plugin opportunity in cross-chain ecosystem

Challenges I ran into

It took a a lot of time to test on multiple chains with cross-chain messaging, however, we created an automated hardhat script to test the result in Testnet using Axelar Network.

Technologies used