ODIN -  Guarding the Gateway to Web3 Valhalla

ODIN - Guarding the Gateway to Web3 Valhalla

ODIN is bonded service on ethereum via EigenLayer that works with block builders to pause dapps before a malicious transaction is executed by simulating protocol invariants and economic incentives.

Built at ETHDenver 2024
Identity, Privacy + Security Track

The problem ODIN - Guarding the Gateway to Web3 Valhalla solves

By Using ODIN, dapp's can ensure that their smart contracts will be paused before malicious transactions that break protocol invariants ( usually hacks ) are executed. This makes dapps much safer by preventing loss of funds to the dapp users. This also bootstraps a two sided market where dapps pay block builders for their services and block builders are bonded on EigenLayer so they don't maliciously pause these dapps. Malicious block builders will be slashed, thus they are economially aligned.

This approach is a practical solution that will improve security posture of dapps considerably as these invariants can be designed in a way that any violation of these rules are likely a hack or a critical bug in the dapp logic.

An invariant is a property of a system that should always hold, for eg: sum of all lending txs - sum of all borrowing txs from a smartcontract = tokens left in the contract. If this doesn't hold every block, your lending protocol has a serious problem.

In ethereum , Block builders build blocks , mev-boost is a sidecar system that allows ethereum validators to work with relays / block builders to propose a block with maximum value. This system is very popular in the network and distributes yields to validators.

ODINS marketplace incentivices block builders with payments from DAPPS for enforcing these invariants and DAPPS benefit from their improved security posture. We also economically align block builders via bonding on EigenLayer that allows for slashing if the blockbuilder were to malicously pause protocols.

ODIN levels up the web3 security challenge , we believe in a furutre where Top Dapps enforces their invariants , securing their protocols from hacks and a vibrant system of builders , invariant developers working together to level up web3!

Challenges we ran into

Running Block builder infrastructure and simulating this whole process was challenging , but we came across Kurtosis that allows us to quickly bootstrap devnets, then we used a combination of foundry , anvil and cast with some scripts to simulate activity on a chain and demo this system.

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