Anup SV

I am a professional zk circuit engineer and zk researcher, with a background as Senior Protocol Security Engineer at coinbase and helping launch Base L2. My work is centered at the intersection of blockchain technology and advanced cryptography, where I focus on enhancing privacy, security, and scalability in decentralized systems.

Thanks to ETH Denver last year, my idea's were validated and now i'm onto my next crazy project involving ZK and day to day aspects of our lives. I have worked on project including aggregating 1000's of BLS keys for verification in ZK, created content for others in the Halo2 ecosystem explaining the different aspects and how to use the features. Currently, i'm looking into BLS12-381 and pallas curve implementations to help with my project need for proving certain things about validators and their behaviour and actions.

I have a passion for wandering in uncharted territories in technology, I relentlessly pursue their knowledge so that I can contribute to projects or build them myself, which ties to real world use cases and thats what i hope to do this year.


ODIN - Guarding the Gateway to Web3 Valhalla

ODIN is bonded service on ethereum via EigenLayer that works with block builders to pause dapps before a malicious transaction is executed by simulating protocol invariants and economic incentives.Solidity, JavaScript, Golang, Bash, foundry, Anvil, kurtosis, cast