Non-Fungible Time

Non-Fungible Time

Creating a permanent, meaningful snapshot of each day's global events.

The problem Non-Fungible Time solves

56% of of US adults suffer from "information fatigue," leading to feelings of anxiety, frustration, and even physical discomfort. Today's digital landscape overwhelms us with a flood of fleeting content on social media, burying meaningful moments under a pile of insignificance. It's become hard to find and appreciate the truly impactful snapshots of our day. Also, users are at the mercy of platforms, as their content can vanish if the application shuts down. Content permanence is tied to the platform's lifespan. Lastly, Bots overrun platforms, spawning a wave of low-quality, misleading content that amplifies the issue of misinformation.

Challenges we ran into

We struggled with integrating world coin for our ID verification, but we could talk to the person from World Coin at ETHSeoul event venue. Thankfully, we could successfully integrate World Coin verification into our website.
Also, we struggled with the time limit as we formed a group two days ago. It was tough to deep dive into our ideation process, but we finally made it as we divided our work strategically and had a perfect teamwork!