NFT Charity Auction

NFT Charity Auction

Helping people through digital art

The problem NFT Charity Auction solves

The NFT Charity Auctions application aims to solve the problem of raising funds for charitable organizations in a transparent and secure manner. By using NFTs, the application provides a platform for artists to donate their art and for people to bid on them, with the proceeds going directly to the selected charity. This application can potentially increase the visibility of charitable causes by involving artists and their networks, and can also provide a unique way for individuals to support causes they care about while also owning a piece of art. Additionally, using NFTs can provide a way for charities to verify the authenticity of donations and track the use of funds.

Challenges we ran into

  • Deploying the NFT bidding Smart Contract on Mumbai MATIC network chain.
  • Uploading the Image to IPFS

Tracks Applied (1)

Ethereum + Polygon Track