Sayed Mohammed Nouman

My name is Sayed Mohammed Nouman and I go by the alias of Skyhero. I am in my third year pursuing my bachelor's of engineering in Information Technology. I am a Full-stack web developer and am learning about web3 these days.

Extra curricular Projects:

  1. Skrypt-app
    • This web application is a global chat room where anyone can log in and chat with people around the world.
    • It requires the user to Login through their Metamask wallet.
    • It uses Tailwind CSS for styling.
    • This website was made using NextJs, ReactJs and uses for wallet authentication and also as a database.

  2. Skybot using
    • Built a discord bot to play Connect-4 with other members in the servers using the library.
    • Users can chose their own tokens by reacting to the message with their emoji of choice.
    • The bot also listens for trigger words and also uses zen quotes api when it gets triggered.

  3. Sky8-emu.js( A chip-8 emulator)
    • Built a Chip-8 emulator in javascript as a way to learn more about how emulators work.
    • Added an option to choose from multiple chip-8 roms online.

  4. FlowTime
    • A java swing application that me and my team was working on as a part of our Java curriculum.
    • It is a time management application which was made using Java libraries like Java Swing and AWT.
    • The database used was mariaDB with a Xampp server.


NFT Charity Auction

Helping people through digital artIPFS, React, Tailwind CSS, NFT, verbwire


CouponZo headless promotion engine for generating coupon codes.This is an coupon generator platform that allows businesses of all sizes to create and distribute coupons easily and efficiently.React, MongoDB, Nodejs, Express