Making Ethereum reachable to all

The problem MobiEthPay solves

The current process of using Ethereum and crypto is a very cumbersome one. The users need to write long mnemonic or manage private keys for their wallets. For a non-technical user, this is a scary process. This hinders the mass adoption of Ethereum and this won't be fixable until there is a solution where the users don't have to deal with this all the technical blockchain related stuff and just focus on sharing assets. One of the most famous and familiar way to do this is to use mobile numbers. In a lot of countries, the users are familiar with chatting, calling and even sending fiat using the mobile number. So, our projects aim at solving this problem and make the mass adoption of Ethereum and Blockchain in general possible through simplified user experience and yet keeping the privacy and anonymity of users.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we faced was to think of a mechanism where the users were able to send their digital assets using the mobile number and yet they can be assured of their privacy and anonymity. So, we searched for options like normal hashing, AZTEC and then found that NUCypher was perfect for our case. So we are using the Proxy ReEncryption provided by the NuCypher codebase and then which made sure that only the users at end case will be able to see the mobile numbers of participants and no one on the network.

Another challenge we faced into was to use NuCypher for this. Mending the NUCyper for our use case was something tricky but we managed to do it.

Also, we were concerned about the privacy of the users and hence we couldn't store the private keys and that was also a challenge.