Manank Patni

I am a Blockchain Developer and an open-source enthusiast. Currently working as a blockchain developer at Spheron Network which is an Infrastructure Provider backed by decentralized technologies like Filecoin, IPFS, Arweave, and Aakash before working as a blockchain developer with Demodyfi, Hacera, Algorand, EPNS, Hyperledger, and others which all work with Open Technologies.

Formerly, I have been an active participant in many open source communities and programs such as, Google's Code-In program, and Linux Foundation's own Hyperledger Blockchain,, Girlscript, and others. I was a mentor in Google's Code-In program, Consensys Ethereum Developer Bootcamp, Harvard's Hack For The People, CodeDocs (A student coding community), and others, helping students and fellow coders learn about more Open Source contributions and Web3 Development.

  • I have been a winner of 10+ web3 hackathons

  • Our project has been among the Winners of ETHIndia 2.0 and DaoStack Hackathon, which is the first of its type, a public opinion-based hackathon organized with ETHIndia 2.0

  • I have also worked as Hyperledger Intern with the Linux Foundation where I have made contributions to Hyperledger. Was invited as a speaker at Hyperledger Global Forum 2020 to give a session on "Hyperledger Fabric with Cello and Kubernetes Operators"

  • Active contributor at dOrg and Developer DAO

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Justice League

You can't save the world alone.Matic


Making Ethereum reachable to allSolidity, NuCypher, Android, Dart, Flutter


A community of travellers, proof of presence on an awesome place, incentivised support from local people and a review system based on reputation. All combined to make an awesome travel app.React, Ganache CLI, Google Maps API, web3.js, Truffle Suite

InstaPool Flash Spells

Making Flash Loans AccessibleSolidity, React, 3Box, InstaDapp, DSA, Skynet, Flashloans


Making services decentralizedReact, Hardhat, Cartesi OS




  • Spheron Protocol - Blockchain Developer
    May 2022 - Present
    • Working on a P2P network to aggregate decentralised storage solutions with support for stable coin payments, batch deals, data verification and replication.
    • Integrated a Decentralised container hosting solution using Akash Network.
    • Wrote Complex Smart Contracts in Solidity for multiple use-cases.
  • Demodyfi - Co-Founder and Lead Blockchain Developer
    November 2020 - April 2022
    • Demodyfi is an Automated Market Maker Dapp developed on Polkadot with smart contract functionality on the parachain.
    • Worked on the smart contracts for the platform and managed the dev team.
  • dOrg DAO - Blockchain Developer
    June 2022 - July 2022
    • dOrg is an autonomous collective building decentralized infrastructure and applications.
    • Working as a Smart Contracts and Web3 Applications Developer
    • Currently developing Tezos Homebase -
  • Epoch Protocol - Founder
    June 2023 - Present

    Founder of Epoch Protocol. Working on an automation protocol for web3. Backed by SAFE and LonghashX