Millenium Filecon

Aggregated Bandwidth File Transfer

The problem Millenium Filecon solves

The problem of limited internet bandwidth exists everywhere. Client machines have slower internet connectivity while servers have a high-speed internet connection. The speed of transfer is affected because of the bottleneck. Companies use hardware solutions TP-LINK and Zifilink, but these devices are mere load balancers, i.e, particular transfer can’t utilize all available networks. They are also very expensive.

We propose a software solution that integrates all available network bandwidths for a transfer and it is cost-efficient. After various scrutinous examinations, we found that under a given range of buffer size our product with dual network runs about 30% - 35% faster under ideal condition (No disruption/sudden drop in net speed).

Our product targets various enterprises who are willing to have several network connections within their organisation to provide a feasible method to utilize this. This will be a cost-effective method for the company who would have otherwise opted for a physical device upgrade.

There is a high demand for a fast and efficient method for the transfer of data across various remote locations. Our product enables a zero cost of upgrade solution. We have added an Html page that is hosted locally and is used as the interface to send and receive data.
We have even added an app for android that also acts as an interface and to demonstrate the scalability of code and how it is not constricted to bejust simple web-based file transfer.

Challenges we ran into

The product when running through multiple networks, if one of them fails, the entire system crashes and a corrupted file is obtained at server/client end respectively.

To solve this we ran a loop with a flag, such that under exception condition the program runs again. The program is made such that it verifies the ping value of each network before execution, if it is null then it is not used. We used this concept to overcome the problem that we faced.