Jacob Abraham

I am a developer and a competitive coder. I am very passionate about what I do and I always have the urge to learn more. I initially started off as a competitive coder and participated in various state and national level contests. Then I jumped on to web development and I am passionate about the application of ML.

I have a few wonderful projects that come to mind. The first is an ALS patient helper called "Assist". It's an OpenCV based project that can be used as a replacement for the hospital buzzer system specifically for ALS patients, as they can only communicate via blinks.

The second is an online platform for the elderly. This also acts as a medicine reminder, medicine checker, and forum for communication. We found a way to ensure that the elderly continue to remain in touch with technology. It also had an OCR that helps to recognize the tablets by clicking the picture and it reads the name of the tablet. We plan to employ an ML algorithm that can recognize the tablet even if it is half torn/used.

In these projects, I learnt about hard work and perseverance. I learned that I have yet to understand much in the vast universe of development. I am enthusiastic about this Hackathon and look forward to whatever I will be able to learn.


Millenium Filecon

Aggregated Bandwidth File TransferBootstrap, Flask, Socket Programming, Python

WhackD Bot

Bad things happen. Sometimes, they happen to you. If something does happen, you might have had secrets or revelations you wanted to share with the world. We provide a secure way to do it.Infura, AWS, MongoDB Atlas, Web3js, Telegraf, Slate


Using liquidation to protect traders against market volatility and correlation risksTensorFlow, NumPy, pandas


Think OpenZeppelin for AuctionsSolidity, React.js


Machine Learning


  • Quietload Private Ltd - App Developer
    August 2019 - January 2020

    Quietload is a start-up based on OfficeSpace. They connect and provide workspaces for developers or anyone in need. There are also various events being conducted by them.

    My team's role was to set them up on the online platform. Our team set up a website and a mobile application for the company.

    As the app developer, I was responsible for making the mobile application for the company. I provided an application in React Native which had Django as its backed and was hosted on the AWS platform. I was intricately involved in the implementations and creation of the functionalities and design for the app.

  • TGH Technologies Pvt - Project Developer
    July 2020 - January 2021

    TGH Technologies is a company that helps enable small and medium enterprises to scale up by helping them get enabled with technology. They enable and promote budding developers in their venture.

    The company recognized the potential for one of our products and hence agreed to fund the venture. I was allowed to work with a team of professionals in the technology field, I gained a variety of experiences during my time in the company.

    My duties in this endeavour ranged from the development of the front end for the mobile and web application to the presentation of the product to potential clients. The application was developed in React js and React Native for web and mobile applications respectively. The backend for this was made in Flask and it was hosted on the AWS platform. I was also deeply involved in the design of the backend architecture.

  • Copperwire Systems - Intern
    September 2020 - December 2020

    Copperwire offers a cloud-based ‘Blockchain Applications Middleware Platform’ that enables enterprises to accelerate & maximize value from any blockchain protocol.

    I worked as an intern in this company during covid days. The work involved the development of a blockchain-based product for the company. We had a close working relationship with their product development team.

    My work involved the deployment and the maintenance of the application, this was done in Kubernetes and it was hosted on AWS. We used Docker images for our purpose.

    This work gave us more insight into the post-development phase, and gave me a better understanding of deployment and also some knowledge into blockchain applications.