Meet3Club is a video/voice chat platform that connects people randomly and is made using Huddle01​​.

The problem Meet3Club solves

  • Every DAO or NFT project has thousands of people of similar interests on one platform. But all the members of a project rarely get a chance to interact with each other.
  • We’re helping members of a DAO or a particular NFT project to seamlessly interact with each other through random video/voice chat options.
  • This random video/voice chat feature will help members of the community to explore different opportunities in this space and will help them to communicate with people of different expertise which would lead to a better collaborative and productive platform for the whole community.
  • We also have a solution for all the people who want to remain anonymous and still make connections all around the world.
  • People will have the option to change their voice and use custom video filters to remain anonymous.
  • Meet3Club iFrame which will help other DAO projects to integrate random video/voice chatting features with their platform which will help to make the DAO communities stronger and better.

Challenges we ran into

  • We had to make a custom Cloud Function that helps all the users of a particular community to exchange their Room ID randomly and then video/voice chat with each other. We’ll use StackOS in the future to make everything decentralized.
  • It took time for us to integrate the different modules of the Huddle SDK with the custom Firebase Cloud Function.
  • We also made a smart contract to rate the experience after the video chat which is linked with the Push Notifications which took a time to execute.