Meet & Chat with POM App

Meet & Chat with POM App

Remember who you met at events. Stay connected more easily.

The problem Meet & Chat with POM App solves

We meet so many people at an event, such as EthSeoul conference, but it's hard to stay in touch especially after the "event" because we forget. So what if there is an app that can help you "remember" who you met, where you met, and stay connected more easily. We offer POM app as a Proof of Meet (POM). You meet, collect each others' POM NFT, which contains various metadata about your "meet event", and then you can chat directly in the POM app for longer and stronger connections.

Challenges we ran into


  • First time deploying on Gnosis chain, but it was smooth. Also first time using Ethers library
  • We used ERC-1155 standard and extended it to develop the new POM token. Added supply methods, in order to track supply or number of POM tokens created. Added admin roles for the token administration


  • Team building. Built a team, but the other team bailed out the next day.
  • Time attack. Less than 24 hours to ideate, design, and develop.