Liquity Widget in Near BOS

Liquity Widget in Near BOS

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The problem Liquity Widget in Near BOS solves

Our project is a product that allows the "Liquity" service to be used as a component of "BOS" on the "Near Protocol" chain.
The "Liquity" service is a service that allows you to deposit Ethereum on the Ethereum mainnet and borrow a USD stablecoin called "LUSD". You can get "LUSD" without swapping or selling your Ethereum and maintain your current position, and use it to have liquidity.
By uploading this product to "BOS" on the "Near Protocol", we make it possible for developers using "BOS" to use the "Liquity" service in their projects without spending additional time and cost.

Challenges we ran into

In the process of producing this product, we did not have enough Ethereum to borrow 1800 + 200 LUSD, the minimum requirement for the "Liquity" service, if we were to conduct a project on the mainnet. Therefore, we conducted the project on the testnet. However, since it was a new service, it was difficult to find the service on the testnet. To solve this problem, we directly deployed the service on the Sepolia testnet and tested it

Etherscan API Limit

Problem : While fetching the ABI using the fetch method in BOS, an exception occurred: "Max rate limit reached, please use API Key for higher rate limit." This was determined to be caused by the request limit of the EtherScan API.

Solution and NEAR Korea's support : We decided to overcome the problem with the help of NEAR Korea. To avoid the limitations of the EtherScan API, we uploaded the JSON file containing the ABI information to GitHub and used the fetch method to call the file. This allowed us to bypass the limitations of the EtherScan API and continue developing the service.

Technologies used