Se Young Han

Hello, I'm Blynn. I have worked as a QA specializing in security authentication solution products, gaining diverse experiences in the field. Throughout my QA career, I have been involved in tasks such as app and web integration testing, holding an ISTQB certification, indirectly experiencing software development processes, and producing relevant documentation. These experiences have allowed me to focus on efforts to maintain product quality and safety.

Moreover, during my time in QA, I recognized the repetitive nature of testing and certain inefficiencies in the workflow. As a result, I took on the responsibility of creating automated scripts using Python. By implementing automated scripts, I was able to enhance work efficiency and save time. These experiences have strengthened my adaptability and problem-solving skills, providing valuable support in establishing effective testing and QA processes.

Furthermore, I possess skills in various tools such as SQL, HTML, CSS, JIRA, and Confluence (BTS tool). Proficiency in these tools demonstrates my ability to support work performance and collaborate effectively. They have facilitated smooth communication and increased work efficiency within the team.

I hope that my experiences and skills can contribute to the success of the hackathon. Thank you for considering my application.


Liquity Widget in Near BOS

#LUSD #Liquity #BOS #Swap #Component #WidgetReact, JavaScript, BOS