Asset Optimization Service for LSD

The problem Linkrypto solves

Background: LSD Summer in DeFi Sector

Since the Ethereum Shapella upgrade in April of this year, the LSD market has seen increasing competition among various entities to attract liquidity, driven by expectations of a 20 trillion USD market with staking opportunities. This competition has opened up numerous opportunities for investors to achieve higher returns.

Problems: Increasing Complexity of Optimal Investments for General Investors

As the number of protocols and complex money lego cases continues to grow, the number of possible investment combinations has exceeded 200. This makes it difficult for general investors to perform optimal investment evaluations. Additionally, even if they manage to identify optimal investments, the profitability may change over time, requiring constant monitoring from users.

Solution: A Service that Combines Real-Time Market Data and Customer Asset Data to Identify Optimal Investments

Through our service, investors can achieve optimal returns without spending additional time. We combine real-time market data with customer asset data to identify the best investment opportunities.

Challenges we ran into

While building this project, we didn't encounter any specific bugs or obstacles. However, analyzing all the investment cases in LSD investments was a complex task that required a lot of study. Additionally, determining how to present the numerous combinations of cases in a user-friendly way and facilitate the selection of better cases posed a significant challenge. There were no existing reference services that compared and suggested cases similar to our DeFi service, MoneyLego.

To overcome these challenges, we looked to travel aggregators like Skyscanner and Kayak for inspiration. We found that the user interface used in the travel industry, where users can easily compare and choose the best options, resembled the process we wanted to achieve for MoneyLego. We adopted a similar approach, and through testing, we confirmed that it was a successful solution in terms of usability.

By drawing inspiration from existing interfaces and adapting them to our specific needs, we were able to navigate the complexities of analyzing LSD investment cases and provide a user-friendly interface for our users to easily explore and select the best options.