Haneul Eom

I have experience creating a web product called 'CONVERTOON', which provides text recognition and translation services for webtoons. I felt that there was a lack of simple webtoon translation technology despite the increasing demand for Korean webtoons abroad, so I developed this web product. Django was used as the technology stack, consisting of three main APIs and text modification related APIs. I put effort into developing the 'PAPAGO' API and text modification API. I brought in the external API 'PAPAGO' API provided by Naver to the Django server, and developed an API that translates the text extracted from the webtoon image provided by the client using EasyOCR into the requested translation language through this API. In addition, I developed a text modification API that allows users to modify text that has been extracted or translated incorrectly due to errors in EasyOCR or the 'PAPAGO' API, and reflects the modified text in the database. During the development process, I also worked to solve issues such as character corruption errors that occur due to the lack of support for ASCII code and HTTP errors that occur in the 'PAPAGO' API when users modify text with spaces. I used Gunicorn as middleware and deployed it through Docker. Although it was my first time in charge of the backend part, everything was new and exciting, and I was proud of myself for growing as a backend developer by the end of the project. I am currently working on developing a user-friendly asset management service called 'linkrypto'. I am using Node.js for backend development, and I want to further enhance it with the support of ethSeoul.



Asset Optimization Service for LSDReact, web3.js, Nodejs, Express, Graph, alchemy, BOS