Lifeline donor web app

"Be the Lifeline. Donate Blood, Save Lives!"

The problem Lifeline donor web app solves

The Lifeline Donor web app solves the problem of connecting blood donors with individuals or organizations in need of blood donations. It addresses the challenge of blood shortages by providing a platform where donors can easily register, find blood donation camps or requests, and contribute to saving lives through their voluntary blood donations. The app streamlines the process, making it more convenient for both donors and recipients to connect and ensure a steady supply of blood for medical emergencies, surgeries, and other critical situations. By facilitating efficient communication and coordination, the Lifeline Donor web app aims to bridge the gap between blood donors and those in need, ultimately helping to address the pressing problem of blood scarcity in healthcare systems.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges that we ran into are deciding on the idea as it was as open themed hackathon we had many ideas and deciding one among them and building it in the constrainted time of 24 hours was difficult. And making ui and ux of the website was a task because we wanted something that is appealing to the user and to have a smooth flow in that. Ensuring the data integrity and storing that in the database was a task.