Sanjana Sogimatt

Hey there I am Sanjana Sogimatt and I love building cool stuff.
I mean who doesn't like building cool stuff and showing it off to their friends.I knew I was interested in designing, playing with colours painting was always one of my hobby . I explored everything I mean everything which includes Photoshop freelancing drop shipping n many more things. Things got intresting when I saw programming, I was amazed to know that you can build so many things from that. My first project was a small game the rock paper scissors using python after building that I was so happy at that moment I thought this is my thing and I am doing it for rest of my life. I never stop learning I did all the DSA learnt C Java Python HTML CSS JavaScript and currently I am learning backend of the web development I have created many beautiful looking websites anime watcher will love them and I even tried to contribute to open source though I am a completely newbie. In short I love exploring new stuff this hackathon would be a great opportunity for me to explore and learn many things.
I hope I will be a part of it.


Lifeline donor web app

"Be the Lifeline. Donate Blood, Save Lives!"Node.js, JavaScript, Express.js, MongoDB, CSS3​, HTML5​