Things I am planning to build is a web3 version of Chegg, basically building a QA platform for students to post questions, post answers, lock answers behind a token amount and earn reputation points.

The problem LensGuide solves

Chegg is an edtech company in the web2 space. Its main functionalities include textbook rental services, tutoring services, and the most profitable product in their stable, Chegg services, a platform for students to post questions and receive answers.

To imagine the scale of their QA platform, 85% of their $81+ million dollar revenue came from this product only. They also have paid out hundreds of thousands of contributors across the world through their QA and tutoring platform. However, it has been riddled with multiple issues of plagiarism, hacks, and payment issues across its entire existence.

A few of the major problems plaguing Chegg are

  • Micropayments are unavailable due to which students have to pay a hefty amount to access even a single question
  • Chegg payouts to contributors are limited to countries whom US companies can legally pay, cutting off many students from areas who need Chegg-like services a lot
  • Lack of reputation scores across Chegg often leads to spammy answers and bots abounding the Chegg platform

As someone who has been a Chegg tutor for a couple of months during my first year at college and at that point of time, I have faced some issues with downvoted answers by bots, plagiarism, difficulting in receiving payments with Paypal, and seeing some online friends of mine unable to get paid for good answers. Hence LensGuide will help bring the benefits of democratization and inclusiveness to the masses. This project will not just bring students to the crypto ecosystem but also bring a positive change to their lives while benefitting the Polygon ecosystem with a lot more active users.


  • Micropayments through web3 payment rails
  • Data portability through Lens NFTs
  • On-Chain reputation score for participants