Justice League

You can't save the world alone.

The problem Justice League solves

We have witnessed the era of dawn and dusk of the ICOs. Most of the ICO investors doesn’t have technical knack to see the completeness of a project by reading its Whitepaper. And with recent dumps in the market, ICOs have seen an all time low, main reason being trust. “Wisdom of crowd” whereas can change the current lookout. Justice League will change the lookout.

Broadening the horizon, this platform will replace the existing practices used for market research with the help of blockchain.
The underlining tech, along with the concept of "Wisdom of Crowd", will shape the businesses, efficiently and cost effectively.

We seamlessly deployed smart contracts to create immutable, scalable and full proof economic JL model. Scaled it using matic network.

Market Research is a very broad subject. And, till now it is conducted by agencies which are very particular in approach making the research convex, and very costly. And Reviewers and critics are not incentivized. Hence, the abundance knowledge and opinions are left unheard.

How it works?

A reputed peer with Reputation par “Threshold” tickets a proposal. Anything is fair game, from success of ICO to next Presidential elections.
Reviewing period of 30 days start. The 2nd Tier Reputed peer *C, provide with their constructive criticism.
As Reviewing period ends, and Voting period starts. The peers, i.e. general users are provided with 1 “upvote” and 1 “downvote” to consume on the reviews. This maintains the reputation of the reputed peers.
Then Voters select their choice, i.e. if they are positive or negative about this project. And they stake a certain amount on their choice.
Voting lines remain open for 20 days, every peer can only vote once excluding the Reputed peer who pushed the proposal.
As Duration ends, contract report the winning outcome.
All the peers, who voted for outcome are paid out from the contract according to JL Model.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Coming up with the JL Model, and the economics was quite tough.

  2. Since we were concerned about scalability, we integrated Matic Network, took time in integration.

Technologies used