enabling universal cashless insurance

The problem insurEASE solves

Claims experience: patient has to visit multiple centres, collect physical documents, and file for claim manually
Settlement cost: with fraud rates >30%, cost of claims settlement can be higher than claim amount. Example: impersonation, duplicate claims, procedure inflation.
OPD coverage and out-of-pocket expense: most insurers do not cover OPD (doctor visit, tests, medicines) but this is the biggest economic cost centre for patients

Challenges we ran into

  1. Frontend development - Both of us being unacquainted with frontend technologies made us struggle and juggle between multiple low code /no code tools
  2. Accuracy in fraud detection via openAI
  3. Integration via openAI GPT apis. We hadn't worked directly with openAI before and there was a lot of confusion regarding the approach and data models transformation. Getting the requests and response streamlined and integrated with our backend services was challenging and the time constraint to do so many things in 24 hours