Anukriti Chaudhari

I graduated from IIT Bombay with a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering, post which I joined A.T. Kearney.

After my stint as a management consultant, I moved to iSPIRT Foundation where I led the design and implementation of the technical standards for health data exchange in India. This was launched by PM Modi in August 2020 as the National Digital Health Mission, which has so far enrolled 385 million citizens with 266 million health records.

I then moved out to do hands-on execution in an early stage data management startup, where I joined as the fourth team member, first product manager, and
drove their 0 to 1 product journey, along with growing the team to 20+ members.

Post this I moved to CRED, where I worked on growing their P2P investment product from right after launch to one of the largest P2P players in the country.

I am passionate about platforms, systems, and the power of technology to bring about change. I am now back to dabbling in healthcare projects, an area that I am passionate about, and that is super exciting especially at this time with the recent advances in generative AI.



enabling universal cashless insuranceSQLite, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, OpenAi, JAVASRIPT, GPT 3.5, appsmith


A co-pilot for HealthPython, SocketIO, langchain, OpenAI GPT4, openAI whisper, Svltkit, Neural2, Elevenlabs, Google voice-to-text