InstCryp is Defi crypto wallet supported by meta transaction(By Biconomy-Mexa SDK) to transfer erc20 tokens to any address.

The problem InstCryp solves

InstCryp is Defi wallet which is supported by meta transaction or gasless. If you want to transfer crypto token to any ethereum address you need gas to perform a transaction. InstCryp is providing gasless or meta-transaction which is built on top of Biconomy-Mexa SDK. InstCryp is also saving the transaction history of your addresses and provide all the transaction details history at one stop.

Challenges I ran into

Before this hackathon, I was not aware of Meta-Transaction. When I started to explore Biconomy SDK, I realize it is really easy to integrate with dapp. But Challenging part was for me that when it comes to integrating with different erc20 tokens like for DAI crypto token supporting meta-transaction so it was easy to integrate with it but except DAI other tokens is not supporting meta-transaction at that time it was challenging for me to do honestly. But Biconomy team gave good support and guidance and I was able to integrate into my dapp.