Sunny Radadiya

Hello, I am Sunny. I completed my bachelor's degree in Computer science in May - 2018.

I have been working in blockchain space since 2018. Initially started with solidity and web3.js. Now, Worked on many Decentralized finance protocols like Uniswap, Kyber, MakerDao, 0x, AAVE and Compound. Even also worked on Gas-less or Meta-Transaction for ethereum dapp using Biconomy-mexa SDK.


  • Winner for developed meta-transaction wallet using biconomy-mexa SDK at money-legos-2020 hackathon.
  • Winner for best Ethereum dapp winner By Matic( at HackOnHills-2019
  • Secured 3rd rank in Smart India Hackathon-2017.


  • HackMoney-2020
    Created Automated crypto trading platform on top of Uniswap-V2 protocol.
    I used Uniswap V2 Oracles and Uniswap V2 protocol trading to set up trust-less/automated trading with no
    interface without requiring user to pass minimum return value for safety.

  • InstCryp(Money-Legos)
    InstCryp is a Defi wallet supported by meta transactions. It allows you to transfer any crypto token to any Ethereum address without the need for gas to perform a transaction. InstCryp enables gasless or meta-transaction through the Biconomy-Mexa SDK.
    It also saves the transaction history of your addresses and provides all transaction details in a single place.

  • Possession
    Decentralized tokenized network for the real-world asset.Transparency and security of assets are most important now. so one asset could be connected with many parameters like asset ownership, payment system, maintenance, supply chain etc. these all information and parameters are very sensitive or it should not be compromised. So using tokenization we can replace the sensitive data with unique identification symbol that will retain all the essential information about the data whenever it's needed to its owner without compromising security.

  • Decentralized Medical health care
    Created decentralized medical health care to keep health records of the patient. All the patients have their unique
    identification number through which all the data can be accessed. The patient can provide delegate access to any doctor. So, the doctor can analyze the past records of the patient. And the doctor would be able to know what type of diseases he/she has suffered in the past.

  • CrowdFunding using Ethereum Blockchain
    A Crowdfunding web app where one creates a campaign for their startup and contributor will contribute money in the form of ether and campaign manager can generate multiple requests for spending that money. If 50% of the contributor or more is approved only then requested money can be spent by the manager.

  • Image Classification For Android Users.
    In Image Classification, I have implemented Android application and classify all the gallery images based on the content of the image rather than its metadata. In which I have used TensorFlow lite pre-trained model.
    And I retrained the model with my real-time classes(e.g Group-photo, Screenshot, Animal, God, Meme, etc.) Dataset. And the application is able to classify gallery images. (Tech Stack: Tensorflow, Android, Java, XML.)


Decentralized Medical health care

It is a decentralized platform for medical healthcare to keep the record of patients. In which, Patient has one PatientId. So, the patient can delegate and revoke his past all records to any doctor.Solidity, Rinkeby, Next.js


InstCryp is Defi crypto wallet supported by meta transaction(By Biconomy-Mexa SDK) to transfer erc20 tokens to any address.Solidity, Next.js, Semantic UI React, Biconomy, web3.js


InstCrypt is Automated trustless crypto trading platform on top of Tellor Decentralized Oracles and Uniswap-V2 protocol.Solidity, Node.js, Next.js, Ethereum, MongoDB Atlas, Semantic UI React, Uniswap, web3.js, Tellor


Defi erc20 Crypto token wallet and swapperSolidity, Node.js, Next.js, Kyber, MongoDB, Ethereum, Semantic UI React, ERC20, web3.js

Forward Swap

Decentralized exchange to Swap tokens without EthSolidity, Ethereum, Uniswap, Biconomy SDK, React.js


Build a social graph for Defi. So open discussions platform can be made on defi.Solidity, The Graph, reactjs, Lens Protocol, Biconomy Smart Contract Wallet, Polygon Mainnet


Simplifying Defi Trading process by Batching Protocol and Account Abstraction.Solidity, Next.js, ethers.js, TypeScript, Ethereum


Empowering Web3 Builders with Social Tips for Their Contributions and Innovations.Solidity, Node.js, Biconomy SDK, next, privy, farcaster, Smart wallet, AirstackAPI, Session-Keys(4337)


Decentralized Finance


  • Mobiuso Technologies - Software Engineer

    Here, I am working as a Software engineer since last one year. My technology stacks are Django and Android. Apart from job, I am working as a Blockchain developer on Ethereum. I am Developing DAPPs using Ethereum, Solidity, truffle, ganache, Geth, 0x Protocol, etc. Also, Exploring SIdechain solution for scalability issue in the blockchain.