InstaPool Flash Spells

Making Flash Loans Accessible

The problem InstaPool Flash Spells solves

InstaPool Flash Spells

Team Members

  1. Abhimanyu Shekhawat
  2. Kanika Agrawal
  3. Manank Patni

This is a Dapp the connects All the Defi Developers that know how to leverage Flash Loans for various purposes and People that want to use Flash Loan based contracts for their own but are not familier with the constructs of writing Spells on Instadapp, Smart Contract or Solidity programming.


  • Add Flash Loan Scripts known as Spells
  • Deploy and Execute Spells
  • Rate different Spells based on performance and functionality
  • Dashboard for Deployed Spell management

Working Mechanism for Dapp

Anyone who has written a spell for flashloan can submit it with some of our guidlines, and any user can use them in three simple clicks, without having to worry about how it all is working.

  1. We are giving 0.045% fee to the developer of smart contract of the total amount transacted with his contract.
  2. We are providing with complete interface for users to execute the flashloan spell and then withdraw assets.
  3. We have some guidlines that needs to be followed for submitting the contract, thus to ensure right contract is on our platform.
  4. Our platform also has a reputation system, thus more reputed developer's contract will can be identified with ease.

Challenges I ran into

Ran into a few challenges like storing swift scripts, executing them, creating a architecture to pay fees to Developer and our Platform while executing a spell