A 3D Sanbox Game built on top of SUI utilizing it's fluid object based contract apporach.

Built at Unfold 2023
Unfold 2023

The problem Hyperland solves

The scarcity of engaging Web3 apps where the masses are comfortable is well known. At Unfold, we tried to solve this by building an immersive 3D Sandbox Game with an attempt to onboard Web2 users using Zklogin. Gaming on Web3 has yet to be.

Challenges we ran into

We tried to do a little too much for two day's hack. Below are the few significant challenges we ran into:

  • Building a fully functional 3D game that, too, on Javascript was exhausting.
  • As we were unfamiliar with rust, there was a slight learning curve, too.
  • Integration was a little time-consuming, so we had to simplify contracts.
  • We could only partially integrate Zklogin, which we had in mind for smooth Web3 onboarding.

NOTE: The project is fully functional now both on vercel and on localhost. Also as game metadata is on IPFS, it might be a bit slow at times. Thank You for your patience.

Game Instructions

Please install SUI wallet and get devnet tokens from discord/faucet. For more details please visit our Github.

  • Press Esc to exit game and to redo please click on center cursor
  • Hotkeys:
    - 1,2,3..: Cube Switching
    - I: Basic Info
    - E: Settings
    - Q: Inventory
    - B: Marketplace

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