Where to stay? We can find it for you!

The problem Hostelzz solves

We aim to build a web app similar to trivago but for hostels. We want it to be broader than ever thought, shifting the focus from students to anyone who has to stay in a different city or place for a week, month or for a few years. Also, the prime features include a hostel comparison tool, where the students can log in to get the premium information about any hostel of their choice in the locality they prefer or the landmark they wish to live nearby. One of the key features in comparison is the distance from a location and traffic in the areas associated. Moreover, we have tried to keep the UI interactive and cheerful so that the users can easily find their ideal places. The plan is further to extend it to a separate login for hostel owners so that they can enter the relevant data for their hostels or vacant rooms in the houses so that we can maintain the credibility and authentication of the data inputted.

Challenges we ran into

To keep the UI and UX simple yet interactive and good looking was one of the foremost challenges. Then, another problem was that we had issues while connecting the DBMS to the app so, we decided to opt for a Progressive Web App(PWA) built on the basic static stack of HTML, CSS and BULMA so that we could have an interactive demo of what we had in our minds.