Heroes of the Flow

Heroes of the Flow

A fantasy-themed autobattler game that integrates Flow NFTs. Use the Flow Mana, prepare your minions and be strategic to win the War of the Plymrath Mountains and conquer the source of Flow forever.

The problem Heroes of the Flow solves

When it comes to quality gaming on the blockchain, the roster of games can significantly be improved with games that showcase good game design and integrate blockchain technology seamlessly.

We’ve created a fun and engaging gaming experience that is designed to be mobile-first.

Heroes of the Flow comes to the forefront of mobile gaming by creating a unique, fantasy-themed autobattler which incorporates easy, walletless onboarding and engaging gameplay.

Autobattlers are a subgenre of strategy games that got popularized in early 2019 by Dota Auto Chess, and got picked up by other leadings studios in games such as Hearthstone's Battlegrounds and Dota Underlords.

We’re yet to see this genre of gaming entering the web3 gaming space successfully in a mobile friendly form and incorporating asset ownership and enabling trading of assets in a seamless way. We’re proud to be amongst the first to create a mobile gaming experience incorporating the Flow blockchain.

Welcome to a new era of gaming, one that makes it easy for players to play on mobile and own blockchain assets.

Please see a full presentation deck here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4w8nj9vugs0knig/Heroes_of_the_Flow_Presentation.pdf?dl=0

Challenges we ran into

The Flow Unity SDK is still early in its development and hence currently only supports a dev wallet.
By incorporating Niftory, creating an NFT collection using their admin tools was incredibly straightforward for the non-developer in the team to do.

By using the GraphQL api from Unity, querying and minting the assets was mostly straight forward. Better support for OAuth2 login from Unity and integration with Unity’s Authentication flow would make this a very powerful solution.