Anna Stoilova

Anna is a 3x founder, speaker and a web3 thought leader.

She’s a co-founder of Rogues, a post-apocalyptic game that brings social gaming to the blockchain. RFG is a story-led action RPG game designed to create long-term sustainable blockchain gaming by championing relationships and engagement. At Rogues, Anna created an organic 10k+ community of players, launched the Alpha game and completed 35+ web3 partnerships.

Previously, Anna has co-founded startups in the areas of virtual reality VR (in 2017), and data privacy. She’s been a visiting lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University and a conference speaker in the UK, China, Turkey and Romania.


Heroes of the Flow

A fantasy-themed autobattler game that integrates Flow NFTs. Use the Flow Mana, prepare your minions and be strategic to win the War of the Plymrath Mountains and conquer the source of Flow forever.Unity, GraphQL, Figma, flow, Niftory


User Interface
UI/UX Designing
UX research and Design