An interface to bridge the gap between people in need & volunteers during the time of this pandemic

The problem HelpingHand solves

In the current scenario of the world, given the outbreak of COVID-19, people are forced to go into lockdown. In such a scenario, daily life comes to a stop as routines are disturbed. Procuring daily supplies is difficult and homebound patients who need assistance are helpless. People have been asking help through varied platforms and some have also offered help.

HelpingHand is an interface that bridges the gap and brings together these people as it suggests, lends a hand, to fight this pandemic.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Issues with versions of web3.js
  2. Integration of the frontend with firebase & ethereum
  3. Finding the suitable framework amongst new frameworks like DappHero, Glitch & Webflow (we tried that initially, but later stuck to vanilla HTML, CSS & JS)