Tezan Sahu

I am a senior undergraduate from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. I am passionate about learning and building new things every day & am deeply Interested in the domains of Blockchain, Deep Learning, & DevOps.

I love to organize & participate in hackathons and #BUIDL stuff that would benefit the developer community & users.

I have enjoyed building at some prominent hackathons, which include Hack InOut 6.0, ETHIndia 1.0 (Winners of the Lendroid API Prize), ETHIndia 2.0 (Among Top 6 projects; Winners of API Prizes of Lendroid, Matic & AZTEC Protocol), Microsoft CodeFunDo++ (Winners) & Gitcoin's Beyond Blockchain Hackathon (1st & 2nd positions in 2 tracks of Aleth.io respectively).

The projects include Privacy-Preserving Lending on Public Blockchain (using Lendroid & Compound Protocol), an end-to-end Decentralized Voting solution & a Decentralized Land Registration DApp.

Some of my other Projects include Waffle-CLI (a CLI block explorer tool curated for smart contract developers), implementation of Berkeley Clock Synchronization algorithm, a Mobile App for generating & transferring texture using Image Quilting techniques, an Automatic Google Form Filler (uses data in a CSV file to automatically fill Google Forms), Book Recommender System (based on collaborative filtering), etc. All these can be found on my GitHub handle (tezansahu).


makETH - Land registry system

We want to 1. Create a land registry on blockchain 2. Add financial instruments to use this registered land We create the first using smart contracts, and for the second we use Lendroid.


Confidential loans on Lendroid using the Aztec ProtocolSolidity, AZTEC Protocol, Lendroid


Confidential Privacy-Preserving Lending PlatformSolidity, HTML, Node.js, JS, Matic, AZTEC Protocol


Zero-Knowledge Lending with Compound ProtocolSolidity, Node.js, Matic, Compound Protocol, Truffle Suite


An interface to bridge the gap between people in need & volunteers during the time of this pandemicSolidity, Firebase, Ganache CLI, JS, Ethereum, Truffle Suite


CLI-Based Ethereum ExplorerNode.js, Aleth




  • Dunya Labs - Blockchain Research Intern
    November 2018 - December 2018

    • Analyzed several days worth block data to formulate metrics required by the tool being developed on the EOS Blockchain
    • Explored possible working and applications of Zero-Knowledge Proofs such as zk-SNARKs, STARKs and Bulletproofs on various chains
    • Dived deep into the working of Dfinity and other similar projects, trying to brainstorm tools that could be built on top of these chains

  • WandX - Blockchain Engineering Intern
    May 2019 - Present

    • Developed a solution for WandX Desktop Application by aggregating multiple cryptocurrency exchanges to display best trades to the user
    • Engineered smart contracts for implementing confidential transactions of fiat-backed stable coins using AZTEC protocol for WalletSocket Inc.
    • Developed a new Security Token standard around ERC721 tokens using IPFS for storing proofs, along with proof verification strategies
    • Fabricated python microservices to manage AZTEC notes, that would communicate with the databases and the blockchain

  • WalletSocket Inc. - Smart Contract & DevOps Intern
    December 2019 - January 2020

    • Successfully completed the development testing of smart contracts for Pay0K, a crypto payment processor that integrates a variety of merchants
    • Configured Istio proxies to build a service mesh for the microservices deployed on Kubernetes to communicate by abstracting the network