Decentralised disease outbreak surveillance system to efficiently manage disease reportings.

The problem HealthX solves

  • The process of disease surveillance and reporting as of now is highly inefficient and complicated. This leads to serious troubles in the times of epidemics and pandemics as we are seeing now with the Covid19. All these issues can be effectively addressed using HealthX.
  • Firstly, the main problem which arises during global pandemics in the centralisation of data. Most of the countries need to handle their own database due to lack of a decentralised platform. This leads to complications when global data is being compiled. HealthX being a decentralised platform being handled by behind the scene Smart Contracts provides one global platform to report medical data.
  • Authenticity and quality of medical data is another issue when we are being faced with pandemics. With the proper use of blockchain technology HealthX has been made such that only verified individuals/organisations can write data.
  • This dapp divides the medical data into initial reports and daily records, this structure enables medical professionals around the world to understand and analyse the trends seen in different patients overtime based on the drugs administered and medical tests conducted.
  • HealthX unites the medical organisations in one place breaking the barriers of borders, which helps the world understand the trends better and make better choices.

Challenges I ran into

Selecting the proper data structure and file system was the main hurdle as it had to be fast and reliable.