HealthCare Manager

This application will help users/patients to connect with their doctors and getting immediate and remote assistance for their health. This may also act as a health tracker.

The problem HealthCare Manager solves

The application aims to solve the problem of doctors’ availability at this time of crisis. As most of the countries are going through lockdown at the moment, and doctors are working on finding a cure for COVID-19, it became very difficult for patients to get a checkup even if they have common flu.
This application will help solve this problem, by providing a platform for patients and doctors to interact and share details and prescriptions so that the patient can get assistance anytime.
This application will not only be useful at such critical times but can also act as a health monitoring device for patients who require regular monitoring and checkup.

Challenges we ran into

We overall faced 3 major challenges in development:

  1. Storing web3 and contract instances in local storage because of their cyclic redundancies. Found a workaround by removing cyclic objects.
  2. Deploying smart contracts on the Matic Network. Solved after discussing the same with the Matic Team.
  3. CORS error with IPFS storage. Found a solution on google.