Healio provides a secure marketplace for verified medical research and EMR data. We put you in control to pick who to sell to. And also get you a cut of the profits.

The problem healio solves

Healio provides a secure marketplace for verified medical research and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) data. It acts as a bridge between individuals, medical researchers and data firms. It facilitates the protection of privacy and security concerns of health data of the individuals and gives them complete ownership.

Health research, while necessary, is inefficient and costly. This is mostly because public datasets are not aggregated and key terms are not easily searchable. As much as 85% of medical research is redundant, costing us nearly $200 billion annually.

The privacy and security of health data also poses a large ethical concern. Studies show that more than 80% of consumers are willing to share their health data for research—but it must be private and secure. Lastly patients have had little control over their health information. In research, participants are paid for their data but are then separated from any future use of that data.

Challenges we ran into

  1. The difference between minor versions of solc and web3 increased development time.
  2. We also faced the problem of not finding proper documentation of matic. There were some pages in the docs resulting in 404s and we even contacted the matic community group on Telegram for this.

Technologies used