A complete bundle of tech-tools for making education easier and fun in an interactive way!

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Last updated: 28 February 2021 06:25 AM

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The problem HashByte solves

In the present times of the pandemic, online-classes have become the new reality for education. Limited duration of classes and no direct interaction with the teachers has made it very tough for students to grasp concepts and learn new things. Due to these constraints, students never have enough time to get their doubts cleared. Hence, we present our solution which not only solves the above-mentioned problems but also makes learning a fun and interactive activity.

In our AR application, the student can directly scan any page of book and view more information about those topics in forms of videos, animations, photos, definitions and related links presented in Augmented Reality.

In our online-class assistance application, the students can open our application besides their online class and get detailed information about what the teacher is talking about in real-time. Our application identifies the topic the teacher is presently talking about and provides the assistance to the student in forms of videos, animations, photos, definitions and related links.

Our application also provides an option to save the notes for future reference.

Challenges we ran into

  • Working on AR was a new and challenging experience for us. Learning it initialy and then applying it on new things was very time consuming and required a lot of hard work.

  • Our project consists of many machine learning models, and combining them into only complete application was a very tedious job. Having different tech stacks and languages made it even tougher. In the end we managed to complete it and hence we present to you HashByte!