HackPacker DAO

HackPacker DAO

DAO for traveling hackers! We are creating a P2P, DAO secured protocol based on stake to connect hackers and local people and at the same time a DAO that will be able to sponsor hackers and hosts

The problem HackPacker DAO solves

Hackers would often prefer to stay with other local hackers, rather than an overpriced hotel. Vice-versa, we are happy to have like minded people stay with us when they're in our city.

It's still good to have some safety measures in place though. HackPacker DAO connects these people and let’s them agree on a stake they both lock in a smart contract for the duration of the stay. If there is a problem, the community decides how to divide their combined stakes.

Challenges we ran into

We've launched a token using xDAO tools and written a smart contract that locks the stake for the time of the stay.