Gullak converts some percentage of your spending into investments and frees you from the hassle of understanding different financial Instruments. "Boond Boond se sagar bharta hai"

The problem Gullak solves

Out of 160 million (data from 2020) people that make online payments in India, less than 4% participate in the stock markets (directly or indirectly)
The problems :

  1. Lack of knowledge about the stock markets
  2. People think that their capital is very less to invest
  3. With increasing inflation and spending capacity, Millenials and GenZ often lose their track of spendings
  4. People fear losing money as they fail to understand risk management.
  5. Inflation

Gullak is a platform for a newbie in the Stocks and crypto market but wants to invest. So DropInvest will convert your every spending into an investment, but how? Every time you shop something, buy some groceries or pay somebody, a fraction(1% to 10% decided by you) of your money will be deducted from your account. This deducted amount will then be invested from our sides according to your risk factor and the market(crypto or stock or both). So now you will be free from the hassle of understanding different stocks and coins while your sea of the fund is created behind you from the drops you are leaving. We know that this will help many people, but what if we say you are helping the country's economy grow by just being a part of the Gullak family. India is doing well in almost every sector, but only 3.8% of the Indian population puts their money in the stock market, so you know the potential now. Gullak is the future. Start filling your piggybank now?
Since there are small drops of money collected after every transaction, users do not need to worry about the capital and they'll always have enough funds to invest, also the app provides risk profile , so the user can accordingly bet for risk and returns while their portfolio is being managed by the experts.
The biggest problem we help our users solve is to beat inflation, with inflation at such a high rate, investments in financial instruments is the only way to beat it, we make it easy for them :)

Challenges I ran into

Initial hurdles were when ideating, I found it difficult to figure out how to adjust various risk profiles and how to allow customers to adjust the extra percentage amount directly while paying. I had two ways, analyzing both and deciding the better one was a tough task.

While building the project, The challenges I ran into were:

  1. Difficult to integrate UPI gateway (used third party apps for demonstration purposes)
  2. Difficult in synchronizing UI with database updates
  3. Developing the system to liquidate the investment amount
  4. Simultaneous fund collection and funds distribution management.
  5. Building the gateway for revenue commissions