Redefining Connectivity - All at your fingertips! An application to do basic computer controls using hand gestures, voice commands and on-screen annotations.

The problem Gesturise solves

Hand gesture based computer control.
Traditional input methods lack intuitiveness and ease of use.
This project addresses the need for a more seamless and natural
interface by focusing on hand gesture-based computer control.
The goal is to overcome the limitations of conventional input devices
and enhance user experience, making computer interaction more
intuitive and efficient.

Challenges we ran into

Real-time performance: Processing video frames or images in real-time can be computationally intensive.

Variability in lighting conditions: Variations in lighting, shadows, and reflections can affect the quality, leading to inconsistencies in feature extraction.

Limited dataset: Limited datasets can lead to poor recognition accuracy and difficulty in handling novel gestures.

Gesture ambiguity: Some gestures may have similar visual cues or variations, leading to doubts in recognition.