Gasless wallet

Gasless wallet - EVM Blockchain agnostic wallet that allows users to pay transactions fee in any ERC20 tokens.

The problem Gasless wallet solves

This will allow users without eth to interact with ethereum using other tokens.
Easy onboarding for early and existing users; users do not need to go through the hassle of buying eth before interacting with smart contracts.

Initial payment not required to generate the smart address or use the wallet. No payment required, not now, not EVER! Addresses can be pre-known using eth create2 opcode.

Single-use smart address increases security compared to multi-use smart addresses generated by other wallets. The smart wallet address only exist when a transaction is being performed

Old ERC20 token and non-ERC 1776 (meta transaction) contracts are supported.

Compatible with DEXes and supports cross-chain interactions

Wallet functions are easily extensible to support complex smart contract calls.

Challenges we ran into

  • Many bounties are not available on the testnet chain. For example, 1inch and Celo integration cannot be tested on the testnet.