Gamegon allows an individual to play skill-based PvP games like Chess Tic-tac-toe, where they get a chance to win 2x rewards by staking their desired amount of MATIC tokens.

The problem Gamegon solves

What does Gamegon do?

With Gamegon, you can host new games or invite your friends to play games with you. Every game you play, you can win 2x rewards (only if you win, of course!) by staking the desired number of tokens.

Also, please note that there's risk involved - you either win and get 2x rewards or you lose all of your tokens

So, no more just play!

You earn while you play!


  • Don't just play. You play to earn.
  • Stake desired amount of tokens to win 2x rewards (only if the player wins)
  • Claim rewards instantaneously after you win the game
  • Zero transaction fee charged by Gamegon

Way forward

We are planning to implement the below items in the near future:

  • Earn a rare NFT as a badge for winning against another player
  • Stake tokens and get rewarded at zero gas fees
  • Enable swapping between tokens that are to be staked
  • More games to be added to Gamegon. (You can find the list of games to be added here)
  • Enhance the user-interface
  • Add a chat feature
  • Streaming live games
  • Enable staking tokens on the players playing live games
  • Build a personalized dashboard to keep track of the games played
  • A leaderboard to showcase their gaming skills
  • A platform to host games
  • Adding a shareable link or inviting friends to join you for the game
  • Adding feature to match randomnly

Challenges we ran into

  • We did not have a great UI developer to build responsive web pages with great designs
  • We were not able to add/integrate multiple games to this platform due to a lack of time