Engagement platform for DAOs to make them great again!

The problem Panchayat solves

DAOs right now have a very simple, often too simple model of interaction they have a :

  • Discord
  • Telegram
  • Snap shot profile
    not much more than these. We spoke to some DAO members and one of the biggest problems they seem to face is the lack of interaction with other DAO members on personal level outside of work.

To solve this problem we proposed a 2d metaverse which will have:

  • A ton of engagment activities
  • Audio and Video chat for members to interact with each other
  • Token gated sections of the map where the DAO members who own the DAOs NFTs can interact with each other

Having a common platform for both the NFT holders and non NFT holders enables newer users to directly interact with DAO members and understand where they can fit in.

Challenges we ran into

Problem 1: Colyseus

I started off building out a 2d rpg world but to maintain the lobbies i needed to make use of sockets, since using bare sockets would be reinventing the wheel so i went on to use Colyseus, which is a multiplayer framework. The problem that i faced with colyseus was dealing with setting event listeners for change in state. I dealt with the problem by setting event listeners for the internal field after setting one for the external one. This sets up the lexical environment properly for these events to fire.

Problem 2: PhaserJS

I used PhaserJS for rendering the metaverse which was built using spritesheets on Tiled. Once i had the contract up, i made calls to it for verifying if the wallet address owns the NFT or not. The issue with token gating was that the map gets rendered before anything else, since connecting to wallet occurs post the map load. Inorder to deal with this i used Phaser's API to turn the visibility of the block off and removed the already stored collider object.

Problem 3: Ingame Engagment

Building the tictactoe game, as a form of engagment was difficult since it involved keeping close track of the state and making updates realtime. I tried setting the winning logic without hardcoding but that didn't really work. Ended up hardcoding the winning test cases and verifying it with the current state of the board. In future engagment activities on the platform i will try not hardcoding.

Problem 4: Business Model

There are two business models that we have ideated:

  • streaming MATIC from the DAO to us depending on the number of people who are concurrently on the platform
  • Taking a cut of the NFTs purchased by the fans, in the situation that the DAO is a creator's fan base