A simple and secure social media dapp for sharing content on polygon network anonymously


The problem frenzone solves

Frenzone is a decentralized social media application on polygon Mumbai testnet. Users can connect wallet to the dapp and anonymously share images and posts with other participants on the platform. Frenzone makes it easy to post your content on the internet without revealing your identity and without any kinda censorship. Frenzone is using IPFS which is a distributed peer-to-peer database which means all the content or images uploaded on frenzone is immutable, safe, and secured by IPFS and the polygon network.

Challenges I ran into

the challenge was to store and retrieve images on IPFS, But after researching a bit a found out about Infura and used it to communicate with the IPFS network to upload images and retrieve images from there to render it in the app on the frontend side.