Let us handle your next event using the power of web3 and blockchain.

The problem Eventify-DApp solves

Traditional event management platforms take up a lot of users data . We are subscribed to 1000 of mailing list which we don't know about. A lot of users data is put at stake by these websites. We are building a traditional decentralized event-management platform. The event organizer can mint any event as an nft in just few minutes . NFTPort is used to mint event as an nft We have also solved the user onboarding problem in dApps by imple

Challenges we ran into

Creating a decentrlized platform was not an easy task and we ran into a lot of challenges. First of all we ran into challenges while implementing social auth using Biconomy. We had to deal with polyfill errors which took up a lot of time. Then we faced issues while mapping users to events and vice-versa.