A new decentralised finance (Defi) app to revolutionize web3 payments.

The problem ETHway solves

ETHway is a digital web3 payment platform, which people can use for executing transactions, irrespective of the crypto type. For future needs, this can be modified to have gassless transactions by using tools/protocols developed by web3 companies like Biconomy, Infura etc. Since it is immutable, transactions can be supervised from anywhere (decentralized). We have implemented Push Protocol, which we have used to notify the beneficiaries of transactions. Since ETHway is fully customisable and user-friendly, with a lucid and attractive UI, we hope to empower every single individual to make crypto payments. The platform is a webapp, making it easy for the users to use it anytime and anywhere. ETHway can also be embedded in other web3 platform to make payments a seamless experience for the users.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a major bug while linking the contracts with the Push Protocol and getting the Push notifications onto the user's dashboard through Smart Contract interactions. However, we were successful in overcoming it by redeploying the Smart Contract in a systematic manner.