Niharikaa Bhattacharya

Hey, this is Niharikaa! I am a third year computer science undergrad with a curious mind and a drive to always keep learning more! I love working with people on new technologies and am always on the lookout for exciting path-breaking ideas.



A new decentralised finance (Defi) app to revolutionize web3 payments.Solidity, Ethereum, Tailwind CSS, Smart Contracts, reactjs, Hardhat, Vite, Push Protocol, Asynchronous Javascript

i-Help : Diabetic Retinopathy Detection

i-Help is a web-app for a cost-efficient and easier Diabetic Retinopathy detection.Flask, TensorFlow, CSS3, MongoDB, Deep Neural Networks, Keras CNN, HTML5​, moralis, IPFS / Filecoin

Unlocking the power of knowledge - one blog at a time.Solidity, IPFS, Chainlink, Smart Contracts, Filecoin, moralis, Arcana Network, IPFS / Filecoin, Push Protocol


GoodFoods is a suboptimal foods selling online platform that provides second-hand food products at a subsidised rate, and also uses the ML algorithm CNN to assist in the search for food products.SQL, Spring, Convolutional neural network (CNN), HTML/CSS, HTML5​