EngageFi is a mobile SDK built on Unity.

EngageFi is a mobile SDK built on Unity.

Web3 gaming is broken. Web3 gaming wants to reinvent the wheel by copying web2 gaming and push the economy narrative, which is unsustainable. We collaborate with web2 developers instead of competing.

The problem EngageFi is a mobile SDK built on Unity. solves

The web3 gaming sphere is full of noise and trying to push a narrative that is not sustainable. Games are supposed to be fun first and economy second. Unfortunately this noise is taking the gaming industry backwards since most of these projects are simply going into the ground leaving users with a bad experience. There isnt even something fundamentally wrong with the gaming industry, the problem exists within the platform and distribution layer. If developers make fun games, it's going to sell (think Flappy Birds).

EngageFi is a mobile Ads SDK that the developer seamlessly integrates into their existing game project. The SDK is built on top of unity so game developers are familiar with existing tools, it exists to work alongside your revenue model instead of trying to replace it.

How it works: If your application has advertisements, EngageFi publishes your in-app user engagement on-chain for transparency. An advertiser looks at this engagement on-chain and bids an amount for their ad content . If a developers accepts, they may now display the advertiser's content and get paid for what would be significantly higher compared to what platforms would offer. This gives total end-to-end transparency at both ends and a fair share of revenue for the developer. And most importantly, the dev doesnt need to port anything, they would continue using their existing revenue model till they receive a proposal that is sustainable. In times of market macro downtrend game asset models are not feasible, but developers can still sustain themselves with the traditional revenue model hence no conceptual migration is required.

Challenges we ran into

Its conceptually complicated to implement over the weekend, so will probably only manage the on-chain analytics part at the moment. We want to showcase this to indie developers first because big studios will be more difficult to convert. Our MVP is aimed to prove that developers can make a sustainable revenue.

Proving engagement on chain may be challenging since the analytics SDK needs to be robust to prove real engagement and should not be easily spoofed.

Ads are unfortunately not fun, but by paying for their transactions we can ease the player's pain (this is applicable for web3 games only atm.)