Alok Sahay

Hi, I am Alok and I am an iOS developer based in Prague who recently made a pivot to web3. Being a mobile developer for 10+ years, I see there is a lack of interest in building the mobile ecosystem within web3 space which I see as a major opportunity to leverage both skills.

I build mobile dapps, reach out if you want to hear more.



Introducing a security-centric, hardware-based iOS wallet app that delivers a near-institutional grade solution to individuals at a significantly reduced cost.Solidity, Swift, iOS, TypeScript, EF: Account Abstraction, ERC4337, Secure Enclave, Biometric Authentication, iCloud Keychain

EngageFi is a mobile SDK built on Unity.

Web3 gaming is broken. Web3 gaming wants to reinvent the wheel by copying web2 gaming and push the economy narrative, which is unsustainable. We collaborate with web2 developers instead of competing.Swift, Unity, iOS, ERC4337, Mantle, Scroll, BASE