DSA Customiser

A User-Friendly Interface perfect for executing your complex Defi recipes or spells on top of InstaDapp's DSA

The problem DSA Customiser solves

User Experience has been one of the main challenges in the DeFi space especially engaging layman users/users who are non-developers but have good DeFi knowledge

To Solve this Instadapp we have platforms like Instadapp which focus on User Experience especially where a User can track their respective DeFi positions through just 1 platform & recently they introduced DSA to boost developer engagement from Non-Blockchain/Non-Ethereum background and of course the users.

Our Solution

We have come up with a solution and built a Layer on top of DSA through which you can customize your DeFi DSA Spells across all protocols currently supported by the DSA.
DSA Customiser is our attempt to build a simple User-Friendly layer on top of DSA, by which users can execute spells of their own, track their positions across various protocols through a simple interface
Even if you don't have a DSA Created you can get one created by just connecting your Metamask Wallet.
You can execute any recipe of your choice, you can refer to the InstaDapp DSA Usecases to get some ideas.

NOTE -> Since it's hackathon app hosted on Heroku sometimes you might get application error since we are using free plan so please try again

Challenges we ran into

Our initial challenge was to decide on the UI since we wanted to implement a customizer, so we had to use dynamic UI Rendering and we did a lot of research including Atomic Ninja & other such DeFi Projects but after spending a lot of time on designing we came up with this solution:)
The Second challenge was after deciding the design we had to completely integrate it with the spell execution code as well and hence have a lot of validations etc. but with time we were able to achieve that as well:)

Technologies used